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 Parsing code templates causes cursor weirdness

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Posts: 24
Posted: 07/07/2009, 9:35 AM

I don't know if this is a CCS bug or if my computer is to blame, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

When I go into the code editor and begin typing for the first time after I open the IDE, it pauses for a second and gives me the message "parsing code templates." Most of the time after it does this, my cursor gets all messed up. When I go to type a variable, I will type the '$' to start it. The editor then pauses and gives me a list of the declared variables. No matter how I exit that list of suggestions, whether it be by picking a variable name, or pressing <escape>, my cursor moves to the $ sign. Other times I will be typing like normal, and the cursor will not keep up. It will move a character back and start inserting letters there, causing words to be misspelled if I am not paying attention.

For example, if I type a $, and then hit <enter> on one of the variable names it brings up, the cursor will move here:


where | is the position of the cursor.

When it gets behind, it looks like this:

I start typing 'if ($varname) { this_word_is_misspelled_ow|n }

Where | is again the position of the cursor, and the word is supposed to be 'this_word_is_misspelled_now'.

Anyone seen this?
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Posts: 942
Posted: 07/08/2009, 3:43 AM


I have seen stuff like this in some versions. Can't remember which ones though.

Running 4.2.040 now and have not see that sort of thing in a while.

I am confident that stuff like that will come back around in new versions as things like this always seem to in CCS

John Real - More CodeCharge Studio Support at -
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Posts: 76
Posted: 07/29/2009, 9:35 AM

I have this exact problem from time to time in and previous versions and I have contacted support about it and been told the programmers will look into it.

For me it was page specific and would occur very often on my Sony laptop with Vista Business edition and occasionally on my Win XP Pro 32bit in VMWare (fusion) on my iMac.

Here is how I fix it.

I copy the entire page of *.*_events.php to a text editor (Crimson or similar).
I then delete the entire *.*_events.php page then right click on the page tab at the top and click on regenerate.

Next I copy/paste all my custom code back into the appropriate places (custom code) from the copy I pasted into the text editor.

Finally save the page.

I have no idea why this works for me, but it does.

I am checking the forums today to see what problems are happening with 4.2. With my livelyhood hanging on the timely delivery of software solutions I have become gunshy of upgrading right away.
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