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 Button Server On Click event won't fire

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Posted: 04/16/2018, 3:39 PM Quote message

I have a normal editable grid with a search form, built as usual with the Editable Grid Builder. Works fine.

I need to add a button to the search form, well inside the html for the form. That's also easy enough to do, and generally the button will work. Typically I will take a value from one or two of the listboxes in the search form, and execute some SQL to copy a lot of records. The problem is that the On Click event often doesn't fire if the form has been extensively edited. Sometimes the only way to get this to work is to go back and start all over. Since these are somewhat complex forms, I've reached my limit in rebuilding forms to get around whatever CCS is doing in the background that's killing buttons.

To make sure it's not ME, I've carefully checked all the html in the form using another tool to make sure none of it is malformed. IOW, I didn't drop the button in the middle of some html where it shouldn't be. The button is of the type "submit", the default when using the Forms / Command Button icon. For sure this often works, because I have a number of pages in a large system working just fine with buttons in the search form. However, if often screws up when editing a form and the server On Click event never fires--I can't get it to say "hello" and die(), much less do any real work.

What I'm hoping is that someone has some good ideas for diagnosing what's gone wrong in CCS. I have no idea where to look to see why this event isn't firing. I've been able to figure out how to fix a few things when CCS screws up, like when you delete or rename a control and it doesn't update all the generated code properly, because PHP will complain about those lines that reference the now-missing control. It's easy enough to read the main PHP code around the bad line and see which of your controls are referenced by the right name and which aren't. That's tedious because usually the problem is in multiple places, but at least it's quicker to fix all those than to start over, the default approach to MANY CCS problems, unfortunately.

As I said, these buttons generally work fine when first added to a screen, but once they start screwing up, deleting the On Click event, or even deleting the button and adding another won't work. It's like something has gotten damaged in CCS with regard to buttons. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
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Posted: 04/18/2018, 2:11 PM Quote message

Buttons need to have an action (Update, Insert, Delete, Cancel) in order

They must be within the <!-- BEGIN YourForm --><form></form><!-- END
YourForm -->

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Posted: 04/21/2018, 2:24 AM Quote message

All it takes is for one error in the html, say for example </td>> ... note the additional closing '>' for example, or even an additional tag like one too many <div>, or any tag really, - which won't necessarily show up in the page rendering - everything will look cool in the browser.,depending on where it is in the page though, but just one error as such could however be enough to put the .ccs xml out of sync with the page html, and voila during page publishing component not found or php can't address the object anymore during processing.

I haven't opened CCS in over a year, but I think there may be a setting that enables/disables auto-delete component not found ...

Sort all this, use more than one online html parser to check - some will thoroughly check the code, others will look st it's ability to display as per standards, and everything should be good. Sometimes the online parsers break and skip stuff.
Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

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