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 Windows update breaks codecharge 2.0.5?

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Phil Pelanne
Posted: 04/23/2003, 12:43 PM

Anyone else experiencing not being able to get into the properties for a field or form after applying the newest Windows XP patch? Rolling back the system fixes it.

Hmmm...are my choices to either code or have an insecure workstation?
Posted: 04/23/2003, 1:11 PM

I haven't experienced anything you're describing.
No Name
Posted: 04/23/2003, 2:03 PM

1. Uninstall CC
2. Do WinXP Pro updates
3. Re-install CC
Works OK
Posted: 04/23/2003, 8:16 PM

I'm having the exact same indications. Performed the MS updates for
330994 and

Soon as that was completed, being able to access the field/form properties was broken.

Hope there's a solution coming soon -- I'm trying to back those updates out in the mean-time.
Posted: 04/23/2003, 8:52 PM

Backed out Q813489 (using Win2K).

That fixed the problem until a fix for CC is available.
Posted: 04/24/2003, 12:28 PM

Try following which seems to work for me when my CC links go bad running under XP:

1. With CodeCharge NOT running.
2. Open Windows Explorer.
3. Navigate to CC .ccs file extension project file and double click on file which will open file with CodeCharge.

Links have gone bad on me enough that I have set up bookmarks on 'Total Commander' (a great shareware program alternative to using 'Brain Dead' Windows Explorer) to open my projects quickly without first opening CodeCharge. You could probably also set up shortcuts to file on your desktop as an alternative.

Hope this helps.

Posted: 04/25/2003, 12:32 PM

It seems to brealk both CC & CCS. None of the properties that pop up in a child window work in either program rendering it useless.
Posted: 04/25/2003, 1:11 PM

Hi Phil,

I got the same problem with CC only not CCS funny enough

I fixed it with doing a complete scan-disk at start-up


upgrade Xpee completely
uninstall CC
do a scandisk with *fix all errors* at start-up
re-install CC
all was well


James Puddicombe
Posted: 04/25/2003, 3:23 PM

Same problem here. But I've not been able to mend it - even if I uninstall and then reinstall CodeCharge :-(

Any ideas?
Posted: 04/26/2003, 3:49 PM

All of this is related to problems with Windows registry.

1..Uninstall CC
2..Remove CC from registry (could be dangerous is you do not know how to edit Win Registry).
4..Reinstall CC
Posted: 04/27/2003, 8:04 AM

Apparantly according to the MS site it is something to do with the HTML controls. There is a patch for HTML help that may fix the problem.

If not uninstalling the 'Internet Explorer Q*****' fix does the shot as mentioned earlier.

ps.. why do you have to enter the topic when the topic is set by the discussion thread creator???
Janet Ng
Posted: 04/28/2003, 10:30 AM

I have CC and CCS, and they are both broken after a recent Windows 2000 update. I tried uninstalling CC, then reinstalling. That didn't work. I also tried running scandisk at startup. That didn't work, either. Any suggestions for Windows 2000?
Jusn Segundo
Posted: 04/28/2003, 11:31 AM

well, i have the same problem but i was reinstall IE6 and the codecharge start running again.

Please apologize my english
Posted: 04/29/2003, 5:08 AM

Wish i had read this thread BEFOR i ran windows update

after i ran windows update, CC refused to startup at all, having just an error box witha Red X

repair install of CC fixed this, and CC starts but now I find, that I too have lost all popup properties windows, for page and forms

page info popup works (empty as usual), the CC publishes ok, just no properties popups.

things I have tried:

1/ Uninstalling the windows update:
this uninstall seemed to go ok, but CC still doesnt work

2/ repair install of CC:
this all went ok, but CC still doesnt work

3/ full CC Uninstall and reistall New:
this all went ok, but CC still doesnt work

4/ Uninstall IE6 from control panel/ windows components & Reinstall:
this all went ok, but CC still doesnt work

5/ Repair install 2nd time onto New installed IE6:
this all went ok but CC still doesnt work

Codecharge studio popups from the toolbox all work ok, and popups in IE6 all work ok, Page Info popup from CC works, but properties popups for page & forms do not.

Help, anyone got any suggestions at all

Steven Dowd
NO chance
Posted: 05/03/2003, 1:22 PM

I own licenses for both products and have had no warning about this issue and after logging call no support on this from Yes software!!!

My machine wont even let me uninstall!!!!

Help how do you get around this?
Tom Fort
Posted: 05/03/2003, 1:31 PM

to remove Q813489 (the one that seems to be the problem), you need to do something like this:

c:\windows\ieuninst /q c:\windows\inf\q813489.inf

Posted: 05/05/2003, 11:27 AM

I have been having the same problem. I noticed that the properties tab says Form but it displays the data for the Data tab. If you click on any info when its like this CCS crashes. If you click on the data tab first, you can work without it crashing. It does return every so often but this is an easy work around for now.

this has been reported to Yes.
James Puddicombe
Posted: 05/07/2003, 3:52 PM

A patch is now available which I have applied and worked.
Juan Segundo
Posted: 05/08/2003, 12:55 AM

where is the patch?
Posted: 05/08/2003, 3:17 AM

Also applies to Win98 SE. I found it could be fixed by removing "Internet Explorer Q813489" - this can be done from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs as it is a separate item. No, I'm not happy about leaving IE unpatched either, but I've got to work!

I realise it may not be your fault guys, but could YesSoftware please look into this and either come up with a CC patch or explain exactly how to tweak the registry (if that is what it is). I have bought CCS but I still have several projects that are in CC and haven't had time to port them, so I use both.


Posted: 05/08/2003, 7:55 AM

Yes Software did look me up off my support request on this subject, and promptly emailed the patch as soon as it was available

I have updated IE since and all still works ok

because the fault doesnt seem to be universal, it seems some people updated IE without hassle it would not surprise me if you have to contact support for the patch 'if you need it'

If a person is a registered user, this shouldnt be too hard, only takes a minute to make the request, and they answer asap.

a request for the patch here should fix your problem
Posted: 05/09/2003, 1:06 AM

it could also be policy for YeS Sot to only release that Patch to legitimate registered users who request support for it

This way, Microsoft Update, has offered them a system which helps kill off and make inactive/useless, lots of pirated copies of the codecharge program.

I bet YeS Soft cannot believe their luck, and so quite rightly should only allow the patch to people who effected and contact support, as long as support respond quickly, no one should complain.
Posted: 05/09/2003, 5:20 AM

You mean there's an option to work with a secure workstation using Windows XP?
Benjamin B
Posted: 05/29/2003, 1:10 PM

I also recently updated Windows 2000 as required by the Federal Government where I work. No properties window for forms or pages will display anymore. I am having trouble updating my sites. Please Help.

Posted: 12/12/2003, 5:55 AM

I discovered that the proprieties bug is generated by update QB 824145 for IE.
Posted: 12/15/2003, 6:15 AM

install CodeCharge2.0.7 fixing the issue with non-working
Form/Field Properties in CC Page Editor. The download links could be obtained from


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