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 Grid Selection Won't File Record Form

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Peter K
Posted: 11/08/2003, 11:42 AM

I have a PHP webpage that contains a grid and record form. The grid contains data joined by 2 tables and record form only inserts to the one of the tables. When I select a row from the grid, the record form fields do not populate. The primary key is being passed as a parm in the URL, I can see it. The record form was created with Insert and Update configurations. There are restrictions based on a group but I know the login id is part of the update group.

Why is the record form acting this way? Is it because the grid has a join between two tables?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Peter K
Posted: 11/09/2003, 1:47 PM

After extensive research looking at the code that was generated when I selected the Grid and Record wizard, it appears that the CCS generated the wrong parameter name for the HREF Source Property link parameters.

The two tables that I joined had similiar column names between the two. CCS prefixed all the column names with the tablename_ (example: table1 has column name INCIDENT_NO, table2 has colum name INCIDENT_NO, the generated name became table1_INCIDENT_NO). After browsing the CCS PHP code, I noticed a reference to urlINCIDENT_NO. The link name in the url was actually table1_INCIDENT_NO. Since the two didn't match it never passed the incident number to the query thus the record fields were never loaded.

Once I corrected the source parameter name and dropped the table1_ prefix, everything worked great.


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