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 burda hic Turk varmi?

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Posted: 11/16/2003, 2:32 PM

Iyi calismalar herkese,

Codecharge Studio ile internal messenger nasil yazilir? hic bir ornek bulamiyorum. yazmada zorlaniyorum. yardim ederseniz cok sevinirim. tesekkurler.

internal messenger hakkinda:

tablodaki kullanilan fieldler;
MessegeID UserID, Date, Time, Subject, Body, ExpDate, Active, not...
portal kulanicilari birbirleriyle yazisma yapabiliyor. sadece kendine gelen mesajlari okuya biliyor. isteyen kullaniciya mesaj yazabiliyor. mesajlar belli bir zaman sonra otomatik olarak siliniyor(mesela 3 veya 6 ay sonra). tabiki yazisma sayfasinda kullanicilarin listeside bulunmali ve kullanici adina tiklandiginda o kisiye mesaj yazabilsin falan. boyle bir sey codecharge studio ile nasil yapilir? hic boyle ornek bulabilirimmi?

ayrica directory hazirlanmasinda da birazcik sorum var.

Posted: 11/17/2003, 5:14 AM

Please repost the message in English. Probably you’ll be more successful in getting an answer
Posted: 11/17/2003, 6:51 AM

burda yanlliz arnaut var ...
Posted: 11/17/2003, 2:27 PM

Hello All,
Sorry for My English.
I want to create internal messenger system in portal. I know internal messenger system(Private message) have in table SenderUserID, ToUserID, Date, Subject, MessageBody, Active, DeleteTime, Note...
but I dont know how to create messenger.asp. Users can write to only Users, who registered in datebase. all users listed and if clicked user name, to compose message to user name. and 3 or 6 month time message automatic deleted and many other funcition. how to create messenger? who have this funcition message, please help me. or where I can download sample portal with messenger funcition? thank you! Please Help Me, Thank You!
Posted: 11/17/2003, 3:07 PM

en :

This is not as easy as it sounds. Whether you have an ASP/PHP background or not you can achieve this easily (well not so easily) using CCS.

Having a PHP/ASP background will help a lot.

First you construct a database table Users having the records

userID (int autoinc)---------username-(nvarchar 80)-----------------

Then you create a record form in CCS having a parameter ID={ID}. The ID is a session, you have to restrict that page. The manual of CCS, keep it and digest everything from it. Don't just read, try out the codes, play with it and digest everything.

You can create a listbox of username, (who to send the message) and have a textarea for that message. That message is in another table. Thus :

MessID (int autoinc)-------------message-(nvarchar 255)--------userid (int)
4--------------------------------test test-------------------------3

Get the simulation above that means
username en, having userID 1 composed 'hello' and 'bye'
username juri, having userID 2 composed 'howdy'
username dimka, having userID 3 composed 'test test'

Now in order to message to others, you have to send that message to others using a checkbox or multiple listbox, therefore you have another database table

MessID (int)---userid (int)----generateddatetime (datetime default getdate())

Now, to interpret the simulation above

MessID 1 is 'hello', you sent it to userID 1,2,4 (en,juri,oleg)
MessID 4 is 'test test', you sent it to userID 3,1 (dimka,en)
and so on...

The rest of CCS parametrize record form is up to you I hope this simulation would help. Now get cracking :)
Posted: 11/17/2003, 6:31 PM

Thanks for your answer. Can you send me one example? thank you.
Posted: 11/17/2003, 7:08 PM

send you where? your email?
Posted: 11/18/2003, 1:54 AM thank you. waiting for you email.


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