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 Calculate hours

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Posted: 11/18/2003, 2:05 PM

How to calculate hours

Using php+mysql

in the table i have a timeonline and timeoffline

i want to calculate the hours+minuts spent between

I'm using custom code BeforeShowRow

global $NewGrid1;

I must be doing something wrong, because i'm not getting any results
Posted: 11/24/2003, 9:24 AM

Use the functions in mysql to do this for you. The database is a lot faster at this stuf then php.
Assuming you enter the time in the hours:minutes format:

$TimeGrid->time_spent->SetValue(CCGetDBValue("SELECT sec_to_time( time_to_sec(" .$TimeGrid->offline_time->GetValue() .")- time_to_sec(" .$TimeGrid->online_time->GetValue() ."))",$DBConnection1);


Posted: 12/10/2003, 6:21 AM

I get a parse error with the code form Ron.

Did you solve it.

Posted: 12/12/2003, 1:38 AM

$TimeGrid->time_spent->SetValue(CCGetDBValue("SELECT sec_to_time( time_to_sec(" .$TimeGrid->offline_time->GetValue() .")- time_to_sec(" .$TimeGrid->online_time->GetValue() ."))",$DBConnection1));

I think it was missing an ) sorry :-)



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