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Posted: 12/08/2003, 3:33 AM


needs to display the item details as in:

But I cant work out how to do it! I have searched newsgroups and web and Im stuck... where do I go next?

I have two tables that this particular section calls:

I used the directory builder and played with the output to get the item and details....
Bruce Van Horn
Posted: 12/10/2003, 12:43 AM

has a simple list. Are you saying you want to see a list of items with pictures instead?

Its a little unclear as they are two completely different views. One is a list, one is a detail.

Typically you have a list of items which drills down to a detail, or in your case a list of categories, which drills down to a collection of items with similar attributes.

I wouldn't use the directory builder for this if you're only going one level down. Use a grid and link it to a detail page. The absolute fastest way to do that is to run the Grid and Record Builder (or the application builder when you create a new page).

When you're done you'll have the record and the grid on the same page. Right click on the page in CC and select copy to. Copy it to a new page. Then delete the record off the first page, and delete the grid off the second. Finally go to the record page and change the return page to the second page.

If you want pictures in your grid, just make sure you use an image field type (assuming the image file name is stored in your recordset).

Finally, you'll have to make a breadcrumb trail at the top. This is easier than you might think.

Just add a new table in HTML above grid or record (depending on what page you're working with) but put it within the grid or record area. You can look in the HTML for something like this: <!-- BEGIN Grid vwTemplateMaster -->.

Put your table (1 column 1 row) right below that. The home page can be hard coded since its always the same. The second level down can usually be hard coded too since its one level down. In your case it always goes to the list of categories. You never go lower than that, so the last link in the chain is accomplished by adding a label. If the category name is in the recordset you're pulling you can just link to it there (this is why I had you put the breadcrumb train within the confines of the grid). If its not, you can do a Dlookup (The CCLookup function since you're working in PHP) to do a lookup -- there's a good example in the component reference.

I hope that helps.


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