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 how to update more than 127 fields in Access 2000

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Posted: 12/09/2003, 5:44 AM

I have an Access table with 170 columns. my single maintenance Form has all 170 fields.

I need to continue to use Access for the immediate future.

Access only allows you to perform an UPDATE of 127 columns with a single update statment (255 / 2) as Access uses 2 columns for each column being updated (before and after)

I know that i can perform an update of 127 of the 170 fields via a custom update. My plan is to then build an after update event to update the remaining 43 fields. How can i programatically grab the control names so that i can programatically build an update statement?

Alternatively, is it possible to have two grids on one page, updated via a single submit?
Posted: 12/09/2003, 1:16 PM

Don't - look at your database a peel out repetative information and split the input.

127 fields on a screen is not a good idea, heavy downloads, complicated support, etc. If it is in grid that suggests that it is repetative information. You could update nonrepative information and use the after insert event to populate the default grid information, then link to that page for updating.

Alternatively if you MUST update 127 columns think about what MS is doing to access, ie the MDB is dead no further development is taking place on that database, they want you to use MS SQL as your back end - better database - greater scalability and MSAccess hardly knowns the difference. If your worried about cost (as I was look in ebay and you will pick up licence for next to nothing).

My 2 penneth.


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