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 Populate listbox with dynamic array

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Posted: 12/17/2003, 11:04 AM

I need to know how to populate/change the values in a listbox from an array which was dynamically created just before the page and list box is displayed.
I am using CCS2 with ASP with templates and Access db.

I am trying to set/change the values of a listbox in the record before show event.
- Before attempting to change the listbox values to the array the listbox datasource type I selected was 'List of Values' and I put a couple of values in as temporary values.
- 'NewRecord1' is the name of the record
- 'ListBox2' is the name of the listbox
- 'myArray' is the name of the single dimentional array I am populating with values. These values in this array are being set/created OK. This can be evidenced by Example B code below which takes these values and populates the listbox

My problem is I would like to set the value of the Listbox not knowing how many elements are in the array (because it is going to dynamically vary) so although Example B below works with elements of the array 'myArray' I cannot hard code in each element like Example B shows.

Example A which works to populate my listbox (this code taken right from CCS help and it works but it is hardly dynameic data):
Set NewRecord1.ListBox2.DataSource = CCCreateDataSource(dsListOfValues, Empty, _

Example B which Works which shows the 'myArray' values are in the array:
Set NewRecord1.ListBox2.DataSource = CCCreateDataSource(dsListOfValues, Empty, _
Array(Array(myArray(0), myArray(1), myArray(2), myArray(3)), Array(myArray(0), myArray(1), myArray(2), myArray(3) )))

I am trying to use ASP code instead of JavaScript as ASP code is populating the values of 'myArray' and I thought I was a little more familiar with ASP. Also, CCS help shows an example in ASP but example does not show a dynamic array that was created/populated with an variable number of elements.

Thanks for any examples or help.

Posted: 12/19/2003, 5:25 AM

Thanks to Peter from Yes Software Support for his quick response and correct solution. Solution was simple but embarrassingly not obvious to me till I saw it. I was incorrectlyl prefixing each array with the word Array like this, Array(Array(myArray),Array(myArray) ) which produced an error.

Correct Solution was:
Set NewRecord1.ListBox2.DataSource = CCCreateDataSource(dsListOfValues, Empty, _

myArray1 for the elements
myArray2 for descriptions

Thanks again to Peter and Yes Software Support.



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