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 CodeCharge (NOT CCS), upgrade to OO Source Codes?

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Posted: 12/18/2003, 7:13 AM

As we understood that CodeCharge (NOT CodeCharge Studio, please note) generate functional source code for asp, php, etc (except C# is in OO).

Hence, I am concerned whether CodeCharge Development Team will make CodeCharge generate Object Oriented PHP and ASP code.

This is because PHP 5 is in OO, although functional codes are still can be used.

Thanks for attention.
Please do not let this post unreplied, because question on CodeCharge is frequently ignored by the team as, I think it is not profitable for them anymore. I like CC because its requirement is lower than CCS.
No Name
Posted: 12/18/2003, 9:49 AM

If you want OO then get CodeChargeStudio for php.

CC generates code for php_4.
No Name
Posted: 12/18/2003, 9:52 AM

As far as YS let us know: since the release of CCStudio there is no further development planned for the original CC app.
CC and CCS user
Posted: 12/21/2003, 9:15 AM

They really should sell it off to another company to continue the development of it.

It's a crying shame to watch codecharge standard fall by the way side. It's faster and much leaner with the code than codecharge studio and suits some purposes such as building fast admin areas 100%

CC Studio is more like a microsoft app, information overload for even the simplest of tasks, it alienated many of the codecharge original users who were always told CC standard would be supported and developed along side studio.

I bought studio too btw so I'm talking from experience on both sides.

I can jump into CC standard, and have a working admin area for simple projects in under 30 mins with the events code I need and customisations I need.

In CC Studio you can spend 30 mins clicking through the menus finding what you might need ;)
Posted: 12/21/2003, 9:30 AM

I went from cc to ccs and never looked back. The learning curve is steep but the reward is equal. I can not see myself going back to cc. It's just to basic.
Posted: 12/21/2003, 2:43 PM

I Agree with You RonB ...

Posted: 12/22/2003, 11:30 AM

I never tried Code Charge so could not give an opinion on it but I have never recieved any training or education what so ever in programming, html, etc... and found that CCS was a great starting place. I created some standard stuff and had it working in less than a day. I am currently working on some extreme apps like a group calendaring system and so far I've got most of it working with little to no custom code and am creating a standard CCS grid form for creating the calendar display itself. So based on the forum post I've read about CC and CCS I would not even consider such a basic program. I would buckle up and sit in for the long haul it's CCS.
Posted: 12/22/2003, 12:19 PM


Any chance of you sharing the calendar system code. I have seen some posts but no solutions on how to create or integrate a calendaring system in CCS.


No Name
Posted: 12/25/2003, 8:11 PM

I can do some "quick & dirty" work in CC and clean it up with Dreamweaver. For small jobs it is OK. But I must agree, I hate that, with the developers here. In the long run it will be CCS.


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