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 Efficiency on an IIS/ASP environment

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Posted: 12/22/2003, 6:28 PM


I have a rather strange question regarding the efficiency of Codecharge under an IIS/ASP environment.

Now even with the most basic web page the server has to load not only the two ASP files for a form, but also all of the common.asp, template.asp etc

If one adds all of this up you can easily get to a theroetical 150k file - whic on a high hit website can become a burden to a server.

And this might be for just a login page - regardless of doing something big.

Now I know that we can turn on cacheing under IIS5, what I'd like to know is this

Lets say that login.asp also requires login_event.asp, common.asp, classes.asp, nav etc etc

And display.asp also requires approximately the same

If login.asp was run first, common.asp etc would be loaded to be included into this page

Hopefully these are in memory or cached.

When display.asp is called - would common.asp etc be reloaded from the disk, or would the files be available from the in memory cache.

Any ideas folks. I know hat this is pressing the envelope re codecharge but I am very interested to know how it handles under heavy stress.

With something like ASP.NET and VB.NET the above is rather mute as we are talking about compiled code rather than a scripting language - and the JIT compiling automatically does a routine and variable check to strip of all uncalled code.

Thanks for your thoughs

Posted: 12/22/2003, 8:39 PM


You hit the nail on the head when it comes to ASP, however I have run Codecharge on a 1Gig Pentium 1.5 mhz machine with 250 active users and it handles it quite well. I have seen a couple of Coldfusion sites go belly up with half that load (some Coldfusion guru is going to bite me on that comment).

With .Net Microsoft have stated that the scallability of ASP was not there (although through web farms get around the issue). As a ASP developer (my clients are medium corporates that won't touch anything but Microsoft - for better or worse) and I love it.

If pure ASP is not efficient I can compile the site into a DLL and it is already 3 times as fast.

I do think if you want low cost scalable websites PHP is the way to go, but if you want to sell to corporates or even MOST IT managers Microsoft is a easier sell.

My two penneth.

Posted: 12/22/2003, 9:28 PM

Hi Edd.

I have used the ASP/DLL trick before - done a fairly large website using the technique.

However my main interest is does the command.asp get loaded from disk everytime - or is it caches when called and then is needed slipped into the processing stream as a already cached file.


Login - Common - template
Disk Disk Disk

Then when display is called

Display - common - template
Disk cache cache


Display - common - template
Disk disk disk

Many thanks. If the info is grabbed from the cache then it will speed up processing drastically. I once made a small active-x EXE that I used for as a memory cache for common SQL calls etc. It sped up my app about 60%-80%



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