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 How to encrypt the values in the Login form

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Joseph Gilbert-Baffoe
Posted: 01/08/2004, 12:02 AM

I am using CodeChargeStudio for the first time, I have selected the "PHP 4.0
with Templates" option with MYSQL as the database. I am using

I have an application with the login id and password and several other
fields encrypted in the database using AES_ENCRYPT ("value", key) where
value is the data to be encrypted and key is the code used by AES_ENCRYPT to
encrypt value.

My problem is with the CodeChargeStudio login form; how can I get the values
entered on the login form to be encrypted with AES_ENCRYPT before they are
compared with the encrypted data in the database?

Any help in resolving this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Joseph Gilbert-Baffoe
Nimrix, Inc


Posts: 712
Posted: 01/08/2004, 12:54 AM

Use Before Insert or Before Update Event
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Posted: 01/08/2004, 7:31 AM

You can add the custom code into the login OnClick event above login action and write the following code:

global $DBConnection1;
$new_pass = CCDLookUp("AES_ENCRYPT ($form_name->password->GetValue(), $key)","","',$DBConnection1);

Joseph Gilbert-Baffoe
Posted: 01/09/2004, 11:28 PM


Looks like I am missing something in the custom code, the
"CCDLookUp("AES_ENCRYPT ($form_name->password->GetValue()" part is not
returning a value.

I tried different options like using single quotes and combining single and
double quotes but non seem to get the CCDLookUp to return a value.
$ekey returns the expected value of 'somestring'.

I already declared all the variables as global.

This is what I have ...
$new_login = CCDLookUp("AES_ENCRYPT($Login->loginid->GetValue(),
echo "***".$new_login."***";
$new_pass = CCDLookUp("AES_ENCRYPT($Login->password->GetValue(),
echo "****".$new_pass."****";

And this is the result...
Debug: query = SELECT AES_ENCRYPT(Object->GetValue(), 'somestring')
Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT AES_ENCRYPT(Object->GetValue(),

Any clue as to what is missing from my statement?

Thanks againg for your assistance

Joseph Gilbert-Baffoe
Nimrix, Inc

"Al" <Al@forum.codecharge> wrote in message
> You can add the custom code into the login OnClick event above login
action and write the following code:
> global $DBConnection1;
> $new_pass = CCDLookUp("AES_ENCRYPT ($form_name->password->GetValue(),
> $form_name->password->SetValue($new_pass);
> ---------------------------------------
> Sent from YesSoftware forum


Posts: 586
Posted: 01/13/2004, 6:36 AM

In fact you have to use both suggestions:
1. encrypt the value in the Before Build Insert/Update events while updating the users table;
2. encrypt the password in the onClick event of Login button

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