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Darren Miller
Posted: 11/06/2003, 5:49 AM

Hi all,

I recently purchased Code Charge studio and am designing a small inhouse
website with it.
The problem i have is, i have generated a range of pages with the
application builder.
Now when i try and insert information into some of these pages (not all) i
get the following error:

IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with DB_E_NOLOCALE(0x80040E41).
IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with DB_E_NOLOCALE(0x80040E41).

I cant seem to make any sense of this. Some of the pages work, and some
fail. The particular page has no date fields, only text fields and a
uniqueidentifier primary key that i generate on the server, yet i cannot
insert records into the database (which is SQL2000 btw)

I am recieving this error on other pages where there are dates as well, so i
figured it must be something to do with the date format but i am also
recieving it on pages with no date fields.

My setup is a litte confusing. The SQL Server machine is in English with the
website in French (running on french machines). I have tried setting the
site language to french which is great, but surely these lang settings have
nothing to do with text strings.

I connect to the DB using a connection string.

This has got me totally stumped and i cant find any information on it.
Obviuosly i am missing something here so any advice or even better a
solution would be nice :-)

The site is using VB.NET as the language.

Thanks in advance
Darren Miller


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