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Jonathon Surratt
Posted: 02/16/2003, 2:50 PM

Hi, I have been working with CodeCharge Studio for days straight trying to
figure out one thing!! I have searched tons of documentation and lists, but
haven't had any luck. This is what I am doing:

I have created an application using the application builder. I am using

I have a login page. After logging the user in they come to a page called
"tblusers_list" This page contains a grid that lists all of my "members"
complete with their fine. I even have a link that says
"update" and it takes them to a page called "tblusers_maint....where
information can be updated in the database. It works fine. Here is where
the problem is:

When a user logs in and and goes the the "tblusers_list" page, I only want
them to see their information in the grid..not everyone elses! I have been
trying to figure this out for hours upon hours...but no luck!!

Everyone has their own "user_id" which is the primary key for the table.
Is there anyway that upon entering the "tblusers_list" that I can write a
statement or something that takes their login information (username and
password) and looks at the database to get their "user_id" and only
generates their information in the "tblusers_list" grid??? Please any
detailed information will be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

Michael Rachow
Posted: 02/18/2003, 12:46 AM

Hi Jonathon,

1.) There is a special forum on studio (this one goes with CodeCharge

- In Project Explorer select your form containing the table in question
- Right under Properties select DataSource
- There your can start a subdialog.
- There you can on the left select a table field, at the middle a condition
and right a parameter.
The parameter could take a lot of flavor. Enter UserID and select type

That should do.


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