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 Does someone else using CC with perl ?

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Posted: 02/25/2004, 5:03 AM

I found a bug in the perl generated code for listbox that closes the database connection. is this a problem with the use of the listbox or no one use perl with cc anymore ?

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Posted: 03/12/2004, 2:45 PM

I use CC w/ Perl a lot, however, I have not experienced that problem. I have experienced a whole new set of problems when using CCS w/ Perl.
Jeff Scott
Tier3 Hosting and Consulting
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Posted: 03/19/2004, 3:15 AM

I use CCS with Perl

I have similiar problems when database connection is cached. (Controlled under DB Connection Configuration in CCS). Try to turn of connection cache, maybe it will help.
Posted: 03/24/2004, 3:31 AM

Well the problem is the cached connection - this is what the support team told me too - thanks for replying

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Posted: 06/16/2004, 8:02 AM

Quote jscott:
I use CC w/ Perl a lot, however, I have not experienced that problem. I have experienced a whole new set of problems when using CCS w/ Perl.

Jeff - I wonder if you could expand on this a bit. I'm evaluating CCS for purchase, and am quite impressed. I pumped out a PHP application in nothing flat, and was ready to place an order right then and there. But then I tried to do the same thing with a perl app, and have run into several stumbling blocks. This is significant, as perl is the language we actually use in production.

I am quite certain it's just a learning curve issue, and I'm willing to take the time to learn the CCS way of doing things to reap its obvious benefits. However, I'm a bit concerned that CSS's Perl support may not be at the core of CCS's focus or perhaps not quite as robust as its support for other languages. Just comparing the number of posts to the perl forum vs. the other fora makes me feel a bit like the red-headed step child.

Would you care to comment on that observation? Or possibly expand on the issues you've had?

I really don't have enough time with CCS to make an assertion like this, so if some other perl programmer stumbles across this post, take it with a very large grain of salt. My hope is that 15 people reply back saying that CCS is the best thing that ever happened to their perl code.


David Hempy
Director of Broadcast and Education Technology
Kentucky Educational Television
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jeff scott
Posted: 06/25/2004, 12:34 AM

i've had very little issues with the perl version. however, i agree, there appears to be far fewer perl users. i'm attempting to move on to jsp or php, but i still use perl on a dialy basis.

...maybe its just that perl developers know how to code...and don't need much help from the forums ;)
Dave Baker
Posted: 09/03/2004, 8:27 AM

8-) I am using CCS with mod_perl 1 and lovin' it.

I have a 4-foot stack of perl books, most of which I've read more than once, but I haven't been able to have much FUN with perl for web applications.

CCS is FUN, and my goal now is to figure out how to use CPAN modules with CCS.

Here's what I've built with CCS so far (saving the project as perl files):


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Posted: 09/03/2004, 8:35 AM

I shoulda used my username davebaker when posting the preceding message; Profile button will appear below this post.

Dave Baker
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