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 Im loosing the cc tags like end of grid when changing types i the grid

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walter verhoeven
Posted: 03/02/2004, 2:16 AM

This is very depressing, working many hours on a page only to loos tags on and from the grid, is thare a fix for this.
Posted: 03/04/2004, 6:46 AM

It's not 100% perfect when you edit in the design panel. You can
inadvertently break a template block. If you get the popup messages about
items not being found during page generation, say No or Cancel. Usually you
can go to the HTML panel and fix it up pretty easy. I have on a couple
occasions found I did "something" that resulted in two blocks overlapping
(that is, the <!-- END aaa --> appeared after <!-- BEGIN bbb --> when it
should have been BEFORE.

I'm not sure what the exact sequence of events is, but I occasionally see it
happen. I regularly save my pages and switch from design to code (or to
html) to check the structure. I do this before I save. So if I run into
this situation you describe, I can either press UNDO, edit the HTML directly
or close without saving (at which point I lose very little because I save

I recovered once (before I disciplined myself better) by creating a new page
with a new grid - same names for everything, especially the various columns.
Then I copied the HTML for the grid and pasted it into the original page.
It got me back to a functional grid and I only lost a little bit of the HTML
formatting effects. It was a quick recovery that allowed retaining the
event code, and linkages from other places.

Still, it is so quick and easy to generate a grid that most times it just
takes a few seconds to delete and re-add a new grid to get back to where you
were when it got broken.


<walterverhoeven@forum.codecharge (walter verhoeven)> wrote in message
> This is very depressing, working many hours on a page only to loos tags on
and from the grid, is thare a fix for this.
> ---------------------------------------
> Sent from YesSoftware forum

Posted: 05/29/2004, 12:47 PM

I find it quite easy to destroy the grids,etc that the design view creates. All I ever have to do is manually create a form.. ie a manually created search before my grid. Generate code, and bam.. the design view no longer show the grid as a CCS code block.. BUT if you go into html view you can select all elements of that block as if nothing were wrong.

Well, something IS wrong with the design view ;-)

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