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 Sometimes I can't login

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Posts: 4
Posted: 03/06/2004, 11:15 AM

Sometimes login works, some times it doesn't , when i try to login i am redirected to the login page again and again without any error.
the system authenticate but whe try to store the values something weird happens.
I am using perl with CC 2.0
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Posts: 4
Posted: 03/06/2004, 1:34 PM

Login problems in perl.

Can anyone check it for me
the function GetSessionVar in does not close the file handle ( SESSION_FILE ) leaving it opened as shown below.

sub GetSessionVar {
my ($varName) = @_;
if (-e "$temp_session_dir/$session_id.tmp") {
open(SESSION_FILE, "<$temp_session_dir/$session_id.tmp");
my ($name, $value);
while(<SESSION_FILE>) {
($name, $value) = split(/=/);
---------> if ($name eq $varName) {return $value; } <----
return "";
} else {
return "";

I change the 'if ($name eq $varName) {return $value; } ' to

' if ($name eq $varName) {
return $value; }'

and login reestarted to work

can anyone check if it is a bug

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Posts: 2
Posted: 03/12/2004, 2:43 PM

Hmmm, first time I've used these forums, so this might be a duplicate...

Anyway, double check your permissions on the sessions_files directory. If the permissions are not correct you will get the login screen over and over, like you describe.
Jeff Scott
Tier3 Hosting and Consulting
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Posts: 4
Posted: 03/12/2004, 3:01 PM

I check permissions and it was fine.
Kind Regards...
Erick RIbeiro.
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