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Posted: 03/24/2004, 7:43 AM

Okay, I am seriously considering purchasing this product. I have some vb .net experience and a little asp .net experience. This program looks like it would be perfect for what I need.

Here are some of my questions:

1. Okay you have a main login web page. Can you have the users information like name, password, etc, stored in one database and then based on whoever logs in have a menu specific to that user or group come up which gives the user access to other databases?

2. I have several html pages located on my intranet server. I can just open up Internet Explorer and open those web pages. Can you do the same with ASP pages/ just have them sitting their and when someone points to the from inside a browser, have them open?

3. If you deploy an ASP page to a webserver like tomcat etc, how can you have it connect back through the intranet to the database and then although the asp page has access to everything, whoever accesses it can only get to certain parts of the database or does the database have to reside on the webserver?

4. Is there a good tutorial that would focus more on the deployment aspect of the pages with the databases out there anywhere?

Thanks for the help...

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Posted: 03/24/2004, 6:16 PM


I noticed that you posted questions that might need to be directed to our support, and not to other users. See the footnotes below regarding the forum usage.
Though let me try to provide the initial answers:

Yes, I believe so. I've done it in ASP, but should be possible in .NET as well.


I didn't understand this question, possibly because there is no such thing as "part of the database". A database is responsible for serving the records that the program requests and all programs can connect to the database, but not part of the database. Though you can utilize multiple databases within one application.
The database doesn't need to reside on the Webserver, but this also depends on what you mean by the Webserver. It is not recommended to place the database (like MS Access) into the Webserver directories/folders, but MS Access cannot be accessed remotely and must reside on the same computer (Web server). Most other databases can be accessed remotely.

Yes, our Help file and its PDF and HTML versions all contain 3 tutorials. I recommend the Task Management tutorial:
Peter R.
YesSoftware Forums Moderator
For product support please visit
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Posted: 03/25/2004, 5:22 AM

Thanks, you answered what I needed to know. I usually direct questions like this toward the users because they know the product and will give a fair opinion on things where the creators sometimes will not.

Now for me to just become a CodeSource Guru.

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