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 Horizontal table

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Posted: 04/12/2004, 1:04 PM


I wonder how can I program a horizontal table instead of vertical table.

Thanks in advanced

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Posted: 05/03/2004, 9:36 AM

If I understand the question correctly, you just need to make a table with 1 row and as many columns as you want. Like this:

text, content, etc
text, content, etc
text, content, etc

That's simplified a lot, but this basic structure works.

Paul Fountain
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Posted: 08/26/2004, 8:00 PM

thnks but that info are not enought. I wnt 2 see the structure of horizontl prgrmng
Posted: 08/27/2004, 7:18 AM

An example:

<table width="797" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td><img src="images/nb5_01.jpg" width="797" height="48"></td>
<td><img src="images/nb5_02.jpg" width="797" height="106"></td>
<td background="images/nb5_03.jpg" width="797" height="59"
align="right" valign="top"><font size="1"> <br></font>
<!-- BEGIN Grid range_menu -->
<div id="horiz">
<!-- BEGIN Row --><a href="{range_name_Src}">{range_name}</a> <!-- END
Row --><a href="pages.php">General</a> <a href="contactus.php">Contact

<!-- BEGIN NoRecords --><!-- END NoRecords --><!-- END Grid
range_menu --></td>

This creates the menu where the General and Contact links are static, but
the {range_name} comes from the DB. The more ranges, the more cells appear
at the left of the menu.

"Daniel" <Daniel@forum.codecharge> wrote in message
> thnks but that info are not enought. I wnt 2 see the structure of
> prgrmng
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