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 using viewstate

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D. Lewis
Posted: 07/07/2004, 3:59 PM


I am having a problem using ViewState in my pages.

The code looks something like the following in an button's onclick event:

dim errormessages string
dim sql as string

sql ="Some SQL code"



catch ex as

ViewState("DBError") = "Database Error Occurred"

end try

I then try to retrieve the viewstate as follows in the page's onload event

lblError.Text = "Errors: " & CStr(ViewState("DBError"))

When the page is displayed the text of lblError is "Errors:". But the value from the ViewState is never retrieved.

I am sure that an exception is occuring because i get page error when i remove the try ... catch block. I am sure that the exception is of the type OleDbException and that the exception is being caught because i am able to redirect to a new page in the same try ... catch block.

As anyone familiar with the proper usage of viewstate in codecharge. I have use ViewState before in other non-codecharge projects, but am having very little success in codecharge.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Posted: 07/07/2004, 11:31 PM


The OnClick event in CCS is ended with Response.Redirect, and ViewState not persisted during HTTP redirect. In you case i can suggest following methods

1. Using Session instead the ViewState
2. In case if button has not operation (Insert, Update Delete), add to the Catch clause
ErrorFlag = True
3. In case if button has some assigned operation add following code to the Catch
<formName>Operations.Allow<OperationName> = False
' for example tasksOperations.AllowInsert = False
ErrorFlag = True

The last 2 methods will disable redirect after OnClick event

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