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 Related Select List Boxes

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Graham Pearson
Posted: 07/15/2004, 11:32 AM

Has anyone done a related select listbox within CCS. I have one list
box which is populated from a database, and depending on what the
user selects in the first listbox, I am wanting the information to
change in the second one.



Graham Pearson, System Administrator / Web Developer

Northern Indiana Educational Services Center

56535 Magnetic Drive, Mishawaka IN 46544

Posts: 108
Posted: 07/15/2004, 9:54 PM

I have developed the related list box progarme you can check it on For that you have login there please register there and then proceed to add product.
If you want make same as i have developed then tell me your email address i will send ccs file to you.

Thank you.

Girish Baraskar
Web Designer/Developer
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Posts: 50
Posted: 07/18/2004, 3:45 PM

This tutorial by Sixto with example CCS project file might help

RexDesign CodeCharge Studio Tutorials
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Posts: 361
Posted: 10/20/2004, 8:58 PM

We have had a similar problem and we solved it using informaiton from this site

What we did was have a small iframe on our form that acts as a callback to the Server, and the sever then creates (Using ASP) a small web page containing Javascript - and this actually updates listboxes, and any other control.

Things we use this for

Linked Listboxes, Customer lookups where one types in an abbreviation, row by row processing on grids.

Although one may worry that a call back to the server will take a long time we have found it to be extremely quick - it of course depends on how tightly your write your code.

For example.. Sending up every country in a listbox, and then having an array with each state for each country in Javascript can take some time to load up with a web page.

Wit the method we use - we just load up the Listbox with the Countries and on the OnChange call a Javascript routine that uses the IFrame to bring back the States for that Country. In total about 15 lines of ASP code and 10 lines of Javascript.

If you want more information drop me an email or a PM.


' Coding Coding Coding
Keep Those Keyboards Coding.
Raw Code!!!!!!!
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