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 New CodeCharge Release

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Posted: 08/06/2004, 6:29 PM

I read the posts about the Next Release, but got a little lost at the end of it, when the code alterations were made, it gets a little like a private joke. of which we are not all invited to understand

Obviously since the last codecharge update, work no mater how little has actually been done on the program, versions were mentoned yrs ago that integrated with netobjects?

if its seriously looking like no future codecharge version will get released, how about just compiling all the changes that you know do work, into a last available file

if nothing else

the ability to move form items up n down by dragging, instead of click, click, click, click , click

Any Chance that someone can take two minutes from CCS work to do a last goodbye to the system that started the ball roling, and which personally i still find the simplest

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Posted: 08/06/2004, 9:45 PM


You're right, the news is outdated and I'll check if it can be updated. Though the lack of user comments like yours may be an unfortunate indication of how little interest in CodeCharge there is.

The news from 2003-05-08 about Netobjects Fusion is correct. This was the current status at the time.

The current version of CodeCharge is 2.0.7 and it is finalized and stable. No more issues to fix.
The drag'n'drop feature would be implemented from the beginning if we could. I believe that this is very difficult to implement, if at all possible. The GUI was created in HTML and JavaScript, and depends on Internet Explorer's capabilities.

Peter R.
YesSoftware Forums Moderator
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Posted: 08/07/2004, 6:02 AM

yes the drag n drop thing would be a problem, i did forget that the interface is scripted


what about releasing the extra items that were worked on, as a non supported last release

many improvements have been mentioned in the past, via support and forum coments from alez and others, but non exer got released

does the 2.07 thats downloadable have all the fixes in it, because i was under the impression if i ever re installed i then had to patch to fix the things which the windows update broke in 2.07?

also i have a php template file which fixes a bug i found in the php code, i was sure that had not been added to 2.07, because i was only sent the file 'after' 2.07 was released, and after i discovered it in the 2.07

so have you now recompiled the downloadable file, with the fixes included?

Posted: 08/18/2004, 6:00 PM

I agree with Steven. Many of us are just busy using CodeCharge to get to the forums. Just to let you know we love CodeCharge and our customers love our product. What more could you ask for. We own CCS but it is painful to upgrade. When you have something that works as well as CodeCharge why change. I am sure we will as some point upgrade to CCS but not today.

Posted: 09/30/2004, 2:35 PM

Never for me.
Posted: 10/07/2004, 3:52 PM

All versions of the original CC have been removed from the website, even the most recent 2.0.7 - so, if you're like me and *now* need it (after applying some M$ updates), you are SOL - broken CC and dead in the water.

I am extremely disappointed that they do not have a *stable* latest CC release for supporting legacy clients. We're the ones who provided their initial sales to keep them going, but it looks like they're cutting us loose.

Wonder when they'll break CCS and cut us loose on that as well, perhaps putting everything into their new "Democharge" baby. How about "vaporwareCharge"?
Posted: 10/07/2004, 5:20 PM

I found an old email from 2002, which referred to:
" Additional links and information:
The latest version 2.0 of CodeCharge is available for download at "
and there does seem to a be file from Jan 2004 there. Not sure what that is.

I'm still waiting for a reply from the crack 24/7 support team ... <sigh>.
Posted: 10/07/2004, 8:37 PM

Follow-up: Almost exactly two hours after my initial support request I heard back from support and was directed to the same [above] link. I had already decided to try it out an hour before that it had to be OK ... and found that it was, in fact, 2.0.7

I suggested that they might want to fix some links in the website for the next poor fool who comes along with a similar need.

- Don

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Posted: 10/08/2004, 12:45 AM

The above link is correct and doesn't need fixing. It is the latest version 2.0 of CodeCharge (which happens to be 2.0.7).
Peter R.
YesSoftware Forums Moderator
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cdm dot net
Posted: 10/10/2004, 7:45 PM

Out of curiousity, is it possible to get the source and compiler for the templates. I can imagine there are plenty of customers, like myself, that would like to make some changes to CodeCharge to add some extras spice and life back into the now, passed over program.

For example: in the ASP template, if you have a field type set as date, you might as well use the great little feature IsDate "If not IsDate(x) then" so that we don't have to manually keep adding it to the custom validation section, to stop idiots that use our systems from entering non-valid date entries.
Andrew Carnell
Posted: 11/06/2004, 1:56 AM


Just to say, CODE CHARGE is great I have Code Charge Studio from when it first came out but still use CodeCharge as it is just the best.


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Posted: 11/26/2004, 2:32 PM

Quote Andrew Carnell:

Just to say, CODE CHARGE is great I have Code Charge Studio from when it first came out but still use CodeCharge as it is just the best.


I agree with you,

I own both CodeCharge and CodeCharge Studio, and when I want something done Quick and Well I still default back to good old CodeCharge.

I find it much quicker and cleaner for generation of cross platform (asp, php, perl and a good choice of databases) applications faster.

I too think it is a shame that they have dropped it from their Product Line

just my 2 cents worth.
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