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Posts: 181
Posted: 12/07/2004, 12:39 AM

Our company use Perl for the last 8 years for various project

We started using CCS/Perl last year and we are very happy with the speed of developing projects however we have observed some major drawbacks with the product:

1. Re-using code between - the only re-use so far is the old Cut-n-Paste.

2. Once a Grid was created, the user cannot change it at run time (e.g. select which column should be displayed). We could create huge tables and hide/show cells at runtime but this is very inefficient.

3. Internationalism - there is no easy way to provide quick translation of content.

4. The themes used are mix of CCS and HTML attributes, this is bad practice

5. Creating ready to use objects like:
Depended list boxes & Improved Directory, the documentation is not enough at the moment to create those objects

We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas and share ours specifically with Perl/CCS users. We believe with combined effort we can improve the use of CCS and overcome its limitations. I would also like to hear from Yes software (provided that they read this) about the roadmap of the product considering the above mentioned points

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Posts: 5971
Posted: 12/09/2004, 11:32 AM

Since no one else responded, my 5 cents would be:

#1: I don't work with Perl but suspect that you can place the common, reusable functions in, just like CCS itself is doing.

#2: All visual development tools (MS Access, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Delphi, etc.) allow users to place various objects on the screen and thus design the screen the way it will be seen by the users. None of those tools provide components that can dynamically change shape or layout. Thus I could say that I wouldn't know how to create such functionality with any of visual tools. This can be done, but it would probably fall in a different tool category. And I'm not saying that we'll never include such functionality in CCS, but it would be much different from any other component, and less flexible.

#3: Agree

- Themes are fully CSS-based. For example the theme definition file is just plain .css, like C:\Program Files\CodeChargeStudio\Components\Themes\Knockout\Style.css
A CSS theme can be applied on top of HTML, thus you will have HTML tables and CSS content.
- CSS themes will be improved in the future to cover the standard HTML tags
- You can create own .css them file, or apply a CSS style to your page without a theme. There is no requirement to use the themes to utilize a style.
- Not sure if you can completely do without HTML. For example look at CSS-based and You will find that they use CSS mixed with HTML, for example the "<font>" tag can be found there, plus the tables of course.

#5: I don't know what "Improved Directory" might mean. Dependent listboxes can (and rather should) be implemented without a specialized object and this is available now if you take the time to learn more about the methodology, because there are at least 3 approaches. I agree though that an example would help.

Keep in mind that everything you mentioned here probably isn't Perl-specific and applies to all programming languages.
I believe that some of these topics will be addressed soon anyway.
Peter R.
YesSoftware Forums Moderator
For product support please visit
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Posts: 181
Posted: 12/09/2004, 3:10 PM

peterr hi,

I need to put some light on #1 & #5

Lets say that I have created some customized directory that has some extras (it is not important what the extras are for now) in one project.

One month later I have another project that needs my improved grid but the only way is to copy the code and apply all the customizations manually - in a different site so there are different menus, database schema some what changed etc...

Then I have decided to build the directory using in an includable page but agian I found I need to create some hard coded dependencies for the containing page (return page etc...)

What I actually need is a way to create the directory the same way Yes Software create the directory in the first way, using XML definition and a Wizard to set database connections etc…

Now regarding #2 it all coming down to the SQL used for the grid: instead design time definition I want a form where the user selects which fields he needs, thinking of it as I write this thing has a name – report generator.

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Posts: 181
Posted: 12/09/2004, 3:17 PM

Currently we use depended list boxes by creating huge JavaScript array of all the possible combination and OnChange events handler that populate the listboxes
Clients don’t like to refresh the page to load depended listboxes
And I am curios what the third approach is ?

As We actually doing it on almost every project I thought it would be good idea to have one ready made...

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Posts: 57
Posted: 12/29/2004, 3:31 AM


First of all as I always mention, CCS and OptiPerl are the best tools I ever seen for Perl.

Now, peterr you are right other major tools don't do dynamic layouts etc. But why CCS should not be better than these tools.

My company is in a highly competitive environment. Time is everything here. Our competitive advantage is I can serve better featured products in shorter times to my clients than other firms can do. (Thanks to CCS again) So to exploit my advantage I jump every opportunity to make my Rapid Development Application better.

Clients really doesn't like page refreshes. Some of the firms in my business, started to serve JavaScript salted or even Flash based solutions. (I guess they use Flex or Laszlo) To catch this I need to develop extensions and actions, which provides nice JS animations in the grids, records.

I hope to see CodeCharge Studio maps its road to client's needs of your customers too, not only ease of programmers job. Expectations shift, most of my clients don't appreciate applications just does its job. They want realtime customizations (mentioned by roeya), animated grids which can hide and show when its necessary some to mention.

I know they are not directly job of CCS, but if it will, it would be superior product.

When new future trends arrived, we (and Yes Software) should ready to answer these.

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