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 Need Your Opinions

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Posts: 26
Posted: 03/26/2005, 5:35 AM

Hello there all you experienced CCS users,

While looking to my next project, I am still considering which Rad App/IDE to use. Perhaps those of you with experience using some of the other development environments could take the time to think what is it about CCS that you love over Visual Studio and/or Dreamweaver. For instance, VS has intellisense, many more components, snippets, debugging, has a more efficient native compiled code-behind arrangement that is not driven by actual code, and allows event-driven coding.

I keep coming back to the website, looking through the help, playing with the demo, and I am coming up short. Although CCS seems like an exciting product, I am sure I am missing something fuundemental. I know you must all think that CCS is brilliant and has many advantages. What I'd like to know is what are your reasons for thinking this, especially in light of other IDEs out there...?

Anything you can throw my way would be most interesting. I am sure your answers will go a long way in helping other potential future CCS users make up their minds...

Many thanks to all in advance,
Cass. :-)
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Posts: 5971
Posted: 03/26/2005, 12:30 PM

I'd say that if you need a programming IDE like those others then CCS is not for you. They allow you to work with code 100% and code your whole applications.
CodeCharge Studio is an application builder and code generator, for those who don't want to spend their life coding. It allows to visually build and configure applications, rather than program them. It is probably more similar to MS Access Forms, Oracle Forms, Oracle Portal, WebLogic WorkShop and similar application framework building and configuration tools, rather than coding IDEs.

Of course other opinions are welcome.
Peter R.
YesSoftware Forums Moderator
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Posts: 24
Posted: 03/27/2005, 10:14 AM

As a long term freelance developer I can say that Code charge Studio is a definite asset. It is not my main development tool but when the right fit project comes along it is indispensible. Even in the early stages of a project it is extremely useful for setting up quick database interfaces to enter test data.

I have had about 5 large projects where I have been able to solely use Codecharge Studio (by large I mean a development time of more than four months) and it has proved itself every time by not only reducing development time but also speeding up alterations highlited late in the project lifecycle.

Its paid for itself again and again. Highly recommended.

a. w. d. - c o n s u l t i n g

Midnight Oil Consumers.
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dik mus
Posted: 03/28/2005, 1:06 AM

I use codecharge to make large datadriven intranet solutions where the functionality is more imortant then the looks.
In my case codecharge does the extreamly fast and with no errors (this last thing is the most important for me)
If you need to make very fancy looking applications, you are probably better of using visual studio or dreamweaver. But if not this tool with excelent support is realy great. You can make nice looking and good working applications in just a few hours.


Posts: 26
Posted: 03/30/2005, 7:53 PM

Hi all,

Thankyou all for your comments... I see that CCS does act very well for rapid prototyping type projects, and I can see where it would be useful for this purpose. While I do code, I am now moving away from full-time coding, so a more visually quick solution would be better these days for many of my projects.

CCS is great with this rapid development, with 10% extra features (such as intellisense code-tips for both the HTML and ASP/NET/CF code pages, and ability to make user-defined components)it would mean that instead of the system being used for 10% of the time (i.e. prototyping), it could be used for 100% of the time...

Ahhhh... perhaps V3...

Many thanks again for your opinions. Keep up the good work Yes!

Cass. 8-)
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