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 Another dependent dropdown question

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Posted: 11/25/2005, 5:20 AM

Right I know there are loads of topics on this but I have search through most of them and can't find the solution to my issue. i have build a dependent listbox based on some of the examples out there (mainly the one in the CCS example pack 2) which works perfectly apart from one thing. I can get the first list box to populate the second list box fine (based on the selection from the first list box). But the issue I have is that some of the fields in the second list box (in this case a status dropdown) should appear in all the selections from the first (Category) list box (i.e. some of the status fields are generic and cover all categories). I know I could get around this by creating the same status for all the categories. But what I would like to do is say show all Statuses associated with category X plus all statuses with a category value of 0.

My code so far looks like this

<script language="JavaScript">
var DomYes=document.getElementById?1:0;

function set_child_listbox(parentObject,childObject,childArray,spanToHide) {

//Clear child listbox
for(var i=childObject.length;i>0;i--) {
childObject.options = null;

childObject.options[0] = new Option("Select Value","");
var sel_index = parentObject.options[parentObject.selectedIndex].value;
if (sel_index == "") {
childObject.disabled = true;
} else {
childObject.disabled = false;
var childIndex = 1;
for (i = 0; i < childArray.length; i++) {
if (childArray[1] == sel_index) {
childObject.options[childIndex] = new Option(childArray[2], childArray[0]);
//Select first option
childObject.selectedIndex = 0;


function reload_page() {
var sel_index = document.tblQualcall.s_Category_id.options[document.tblQualcall.s_Category_id.selectedIndex].value;
var sel_subindex = document.tblQualcall.s_status.options[document.tblQualcall.s_status.selectedIndex].value;
if (sel_subindex != "") {
document.location.href = document.location.pathname + "?" + "s_status=" + sel_subindex+"&s_Category_id=" + sel_index;

function disable_child_listbox(spanToHide) {

//Disable second listbox
if (document.tblQualcall.s_Category_id.selectedIndex == "") {
document.tblQualcall.s_status.disabled = true;


window.onload = function() {

<!-- BEGIN Grid tblQualCategory_tblQualst -->
var Status = new Array(
<!-- BEGIN Row -->
new Array({tblStatus_Id},{tblStatus_CategoryLink},'{tblStatus_Status}')<!-- END Row --><!-- BEGIN Separator -->,<!-- END Separator -->
<!-- END Grid tblQualCategory_tblQualst -->

hope this makes sense any help would be much appriciated.


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