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 Creating Postback Events WITHOUT Javascript

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Posted: 12/27/2005, 6:18 PM

Hi all...

I am wondering how I can take a "standard" .net page that uses Javascript to hadle the postback event and convert it to a page that does not require JS at all on the client side....

The new .net page is to be hosted as an include. During the include process ALL javascript script and tags are removes so I can not rely on any references to "javascript:".

I am currently using a link button to submit the page form, but need an alternative to the JS function called.

Any ideas?

Posted: 12/28/2005, 1:10 AM

Looks like this is impossible in principle. Link can't submit a form without script. The only way is replace it on the button.

But i'm don't understand, why jscript is removed in the include page? Is it your custom behaviour of include page?
Posted: 12/28/2005, 9:16 PM

Hi Stan

The include is called/occurs on another webiste/url (it calls the page from our's). As part of the other website's "content inclusion" process they remove all JS , Frames, and i-layers as a "security" measure. So I do not have control over this process.

I have contemplated replacing all linkbuttons with either simple form submit buttons and change the appearance with CSS ... or ... to pass the needed information as session and querystring values.

If there is another way I would love to know about it. It would save a lot of "recoding".

Thanks for you help.


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Posted: 12/28/2005, 9:36 PM

I admit that I also have difficulty wrapping my mind around this because .NET Framework adds JavaScript automatically at run-time, so you may not even see it in your page but JavaScript will be used anyway later when you view the page in a Web browser.
Secondly, I don't understand how the other Website deals with other .NET pages that they may also include. Possibly you'd like to provide a sample URL or documentation of that inclusion process, as it may help in understanding the issue.
Peter R.
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