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 Radio Buttons - not working!

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Posts: 3
Posted: 12/29/2005, 5:59 AM

I have a simple page created with grid/record builder w/search block. I put a radio button on the search form and on the add record form. It looked fine the first time. After a page refresh, neither one correctly display the default setting. On the add form, the second time it showed the correct selection, but the wrong selection went into the database. It seems to be conflicting with other default settings on the form. I saw the previous post that suggested some html changes, but my html already looks like the suggested changes. I have no choice but to not use radio buttons. Hope a fix is coming soon....
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Posts: 1713
Posted: 12/29/2005, 7:20 AM

I have not had any problems with radio buttons that are tied to a field that either stores boolean or integer values. Maybe it is the way you have integrated the radio buttons into the forms. Are these radio buttons tied to data fields?? Have you checked the default settings of the radio buttons?? If you have done everything possible and you are still experiencing problems then maybe you should contact support.

Also, you might want to try these links:

Hopefully this helps...
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Posted: 12/29/2005, 7:33 AM

Thanks for your quick response! The first radio button is on a "Search" form, so its not tied to a DB
field, but it is type integer. The second one on the page is on the
"Record" form, it is tied to a DB field that is type integer. Something
DEFINITELY broke, I used this a zillion times in CCS2 apps without a

I'm also noticing quite a bit of flakiness with editable grids, to the
point where I'm going to quit using them. They were always a bit quirky in
2.0, but now, if I go in an change stuff on the form, a working form
starts doing really strange stuff - the last time I had an editable grid
decide to start adding 50 copies of the row I was trying to add. Really
weird. It seems like the first time you build it, its fine, but if you
have to tweak something, look out. I shouldn't have to go coming through
the HTML to do simple changes on a form.
Benjamin Krajmalnik
Posted: 01/02/2006, 6:04 PM

I have seen strange things happen to radio butons and checkboes wher the
html gets foobared.
Try changing it to a text field and then back to a radio and see if that
fixes it.

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