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 Why so difficult?

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Posted: 03/15/2006, 9:32 PM

I've spent last couple of days writing a relatively simple application in CCS3. While having used CCS for couple of years, I thought this project could also be quickly accomplished in CCS. Not so. This included couple of items that from PHP's point of view are very simple to implement when writing code by hand. But in CCS I ended up going circles, mostly trying to find information about how the different events are used and how the variables are passed from a page to another.

Does it really need to be this complicated? I think the main problem is more with with the documentation and lack of a debugger (or at least easy display of the current variables) than the program itself. It would *really* have helped had I been able to see the variable contents (or the errors they possibly produced when addressed incorrectly), or, had there been little more in-depth info on how, for example, the actions work. On many items there either is nothing found in the help/documentation, or the reference is so vague that without knowing the program inside out it's very difficult to discern the proper operation of a specific function.

Also what would be extremely helpful is an overview of how the variable values are passed from page to another. Globals don't seem to work as one would expect (they probably are global, but only within a class scope). Again, this is probably not a problem with the program, but with lack of insight that is brought on by the insufficient documentation. I have countless PHP books, but for CCS nothing beyond the Help, User's Manual, and this forum is available. For this reason it is crucially important that the manufacturer would put extra effort into providing good documentation for use of the program CSS.

In the end I accomplished what I was planning to do, with *lots* of trial-and-error. CCS didn't end up be much of a "RAD" tool in this case as hand-writing the same application—while plenty of effort— would have taken considerably less time. Next time around I'll be more careful when evaluating whether CCS is the tool to create a project with; it's great for quick db front-ends, but if external (filesystem, mail, etc) operations are involved, beware!
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