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 Executable path for PERL/ModPERL and subdirectories.

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Posted: 05/09/2006, 5:46 AM

Dear all,

I'm using CCS3.01, ModPERL / Apache1.27 / Solaris8/PostgreSQL 8.1 on a three-tier environment.

I'm quite new to version 3, perhaps what is going to follow it could be easily reconducted to a workaround, have search inside the forum but strangely couldn't find any info. Here it goes:

I have glanced inside the CCS3 options but there's no way of publishing the associated images to Styles outside the executable path of the server, this produces the images not being shown up, this is due to security issues, inside the executable path there must only be executable files.

I'd need to publish the pages and images on a structure like this:

/usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/MyProjects/Project <<< ModPERL Executables
/usr/local/apache/Styles/... <<< Styles related items (images etc..not sourceable)

In that way the RunTime environment won't try to source the images inside the executable path /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/, and all the image references obviously must be done accordingly with the outer directory /usr/local/apache/Styles/...

I have tried using the options in the project settings "Server/Script-Server path" and the "Publishing-Path/Folder", the latter is the only setup that has gotten effective related to the target directory of publishing. No mention about where to put Styles and images.

I have deep experience with CCS1/PERL where I decided (hardwired on CCS1 or soft via application+db logic) how and where all the references had to be made related to occurrencing object like includes, images, downloadables, etc.

Is there, related to CCS3, any workaround for this issue?

Thanks a lot.

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Posts: 181
Posted: 05/11/2006, 3:33 AM

Fabian Hi

Look at

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Posted: 05/11/2006, 7:08 AM

Thanks a lot for you reply.

It looks to me that the used modules shown in that thread are only available with ModPerl 2.0.

I'm using ModPerl 1.0, the CCS3 requirements state that PERL 5.0 is needed, do you think it should be necessary to upgrade to vsn 2.0 ?


Posted: 05/11/2006, 10:07 AM


This can be a solution, although hard references have to be made within httpd.conf any time a new project is added. I wonder if possibly the app directory it could be moved down...


<Directory /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/test>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::Registry
Options +ExecCGI


<Directory /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/ccs/test/resources/*>
SetHandler default



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