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 Multipule logins

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Posts: 130
Posted: 11/19/2006, 9:53 PM

I think multiple login pages as would be nice like everytime you create a login you can select like customers & admins etc
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Posts: 29
Posted: 11/19/2006, 11:13 PM

If you are seeking to allow only certain people t login using the form or a particular form, use the forms "restricted property" to define who can use it.
awnStudio Collective
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Posts: 361
Posted: 11/20/2006, 8:05 PM

I had a similar requirement a couple of days ago.

The client had an extensive website and had several web applications running on it. He needed a centralised login point and security on EACH of the applications.

What I set up was the following.

In the Users's file I had a field for each application with the role number for that applications


ID Name Orders Catalogs Reports
1 Dave 10 5 5
2 Bill 5 10 10
3 Public 0 0 0

When anyone accessed the website the were automatically logged in as 'Public' - which was a user with very limited capbilities.

This was just to get the user under the CCS security blanked.

At various points thought the websites were login screen. If the user logged into using one of them then I would retrieve their permission level for the Orders, Catalogues, and Reports.

In each of the applications I had set up the security in the setting to use that Field (Orders etc ) and to store that value in the appropriate group session varible (grpOrderID, grpCatalogueID)
Additional code was set up to grates these session variables regardless what application was used.

Once this was set up - if Dave logged in then the permissions for the Orders, Catalgoe, and Report applications automatically were loaded and he could move from application to application without needed to re authenticate by loggin in.

Hope this helps someone


p.s. And Yes - there were VERY good reasons not to make it all one big applications :>
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Posts: 29
Posted: 11/21/2006, 6:48 AM

Note the logic behind a typical CCS app. If using sessions, the session filename is stored as a cookie that access the session file where the security is. Alternatively, to prevent writing code, you could absolute the location of the sessions folder to a shared area (Not been tested).
awnStudio Collective
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