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 View an Oracle Clob using java

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Posts: 35
Posted: 08/29/2007, 5:42 AM


Does anybody have a solution for viewing a clob field using jsp and CCS 3.2? All we are trying to do is select a clob field from the database and view it using a ccs report or grid.

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Posts: 31
Posted: 08/29/2007, 5:44 AM

And what happens?
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Posts: 35
Posted: 08/29/2007, 5:50 AM

If I set the field as Memo, it displays "oracle.sql.CLOB@xxxxxx" instead of the actual data.
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Posts: 386
Posted: 08/29/2007, 6:42 AM

I change class DbRow from Codecharge, to recover CLOB.

Method: public Object get(Object key)

    public Object get(Object key) {  
        Object value = null;  
        if ( (key instanceof String) && useUpperCase ) {  
            value = super.get( ((String) key).toUpperCase() );  
		    /**Begin Custom Change ****/  
		   if (super.get(key) instanceof java.sql.Clob){  
		           java.sql.Clob clob = (java.sql.Clob)super.get(key);  
				   try{  is = clob.getAsciiStream();  
						byte[] buffer = new byte[4096]; outputStream = new;  
						while (true) {  
						    int read =;  
						    if (read == -1) {  
						    outputStream.write(buffer, 0, read);  
						value = outputStream.toString();  
                    }catch( io_ex){  
					    com.codecharge.util.CCLogger.getInstance().error("IOException recover CLOB", io_ex);  
					}catch(java.sql.SQLException sql_ex){  
					    com.codecharge.util.CCLogger.getInstance().error("SQLException recoverCLOB", sql_ex);  
		   /**End Custom Change**/  
        } else {  
            value = super.get( key );  
        return value;  

Matheus Trevizan

Dynamix Software Ltda.
Blumenau SC Brasil
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Posts: 35
Posted: 08/29/2007, 8:09 AM


Works great!! Thank you.

I really appreciate your help.

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