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 CCS Grid tool?

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Posts: 64
Posted: 07/27/2008, 7:48 PM

Am I right in understanding that the CCS "Grid" is really just an implementation of the standard .NET Data Repeater control and not a grid tool at all?

I'd like to create an adhoc sql query tool, for report generation. In its simplest form, it would contain a text box for entering a sql select query, a button for submitting the query, and a grid to display the data returned.

By adhoc query, I mean:

You could enter the string, "SELECT * FROM Customers" into the textbox and it would return a grid containing every column of the table Customers and every row of data.


You could enter the string, "SELECT LastName, Telephone FROM Employees" into the textbox and it would return a grid containing the columns LastName and Telephone from the table Employees for every row in the table.

This is simple to achieve using Visual Studio by adding the three afore mentioned controls and a few lines of code to the button's on click event.

Is this possible using the CCS Grid tool?

Are there runtime properties or methods I can use that I'm overlooking in the Component Reference? (The other programming genres supported by CCS seem to utilize grid controls for their grids, judging by their grid like runtime methods/properties.)

If I need to manually add a .NET GridView control to my CCS page what are the possible issues I need to be aware of?


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Posts: 173
Posted: 08/25/2008, 1:52 PM

You can't achive what you want using the CCS grid (yes, it is a repeater)

Although, you can alter the datasource, the query, etc ...before executing it, the "UI" of the grid is completly "static". It would be a waste of time, trying to create controls after executing the query ..
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Posts: 64
Posted: 08/25/2008, 2:09 PM

Yep. Yep.

In the end, I used Visual Studio to create the form I needed with the datagrid, copied and pasted the VS form over the CCS form in the CCS html file, and added the button event code to the code behind file. Presto - adhoc reporting tool in CCS!

Simple and works like a charm.
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